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AVAILABLE AT: Mediclinic Bloemfontein | Busamed Bram Fischer International Airport Hospital

Magnetic Resonance Imaging uses a very powerful magnet and radiofrequency pulses to collect signals that are processed by a computer to form a picture of the body part being studied. It has the advantage that no ionising radiation is used to acquire the images.

MRI provides excellent soft tissues detail and is primarily used to evaluate the soft tissues of the body e.g. muscles, ligaments, brain, discs and blood vessels. Similar to CT an intravenous ( Gadolinium-containing) contrast agent is sometimes administered for better evaluation of the organs and lesions.

MRI is painless but may be noisy. Scans take between 30 – 40 minutes.

Because of the strong magnetic field used, anyone with a pacemaker, nerve stimulator, cochlear implant, clips in the brain and metal chips in the eye might not be able to get a MRI. For this reason you will need to complete a safety questionnaire prior to the procedure.

Drs van Dyk and partners recently acquired a new state of the art MRI machine, expanding and improving the scope of our MRI investigations. The new scanner is equipped with a wide tunnel bore to better facilitate patients with claustrophobia.    It’s bed can also accommodate patients with a weight of up to 250kg.

Women who are pregnant must alert their doctor and the radiographer if they are being scheduled for an MRI scan. 

If you have a history of allergies or previous reactions to iodinated contrast, please inform your doctor and the radiographer before having a MRI scan.