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Mammography is a well-established screening and diagnostic tool used to evaluate breast tissue for the presence of cancer. It uses low-dose X-rays to examine the breast tissue. All our mammograms are performed by qualified mammographers.

We generally follow the American College of Radiology recommendations with regards to screening mammography.  In women with average risk of breast cancer annual mammography starting at age 40 is recommended.    In women with high risk for developing breast cancer, screening is usually started earlier than age 40 and supplemental screening with other modalities might be indicated.   Please feel free to contact us for further advice.

Mammography is excellent at revealing changes in breast tissue that may have gone undetected during breast examination by the patient or doctor. The main aim of a screening mammogram is to detect cancer in its early stages, improving patient prognosis.

At our institution the mammogram is complemented by a breast ultrasound, which is used to increase the overall sensitivity of the investigation (especially in women with dense breast tissue) or further characterize a lesion. Breast tomosynthesis is performed when indicated.

Our state of the art facilities includes stereotactic localization (facilitates marker placement  in a lesion for accurate biopsy) and breast tomosynthesis.  Breast tomosynthesis uses multiple low dose x-ray images taken at different angles to form a volumetric reconstruction of the breast. This allows evaluation of the breast using multiple 1mm slices, which improves evaluation of lesions obscured by overlying breast tissue.